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Opera Neon is a new search engine that is completely detached with the standard version of its product. The main difference is found in the control system and its management of web pages. In other words, it focuses on the movement of the screen elements when you use your touchscreen.

The app comes with a desktop where the traditional tabs are replaced by bubbles. Therefore, you can move the icon around the screen to best fit your needs. Another great feature of Opera Neon is that the bubbles of open files can be saved in your desktop as favorites.

Among the many unique features that the app offers is an audio player which is actually a URL that keeps playing even when you are visiting another page. Also, you’ll be equipped with a tool for taking screen shots as well as a download tab that is visible right from the main screen.

Opera Neon is a fun and useful app for both touchscreen devices and the more traditional control systems with a keyboard and mouse.

Opera releases Neon, its new desktop browser

The experience on desktop devices and smartphones has been getting ever more unified for a while now. Opera is conscious of this, which is why it's just released Opera Neon, a sort of experiment that tries to run in parallel the different versions of Opera's main browser. It offers a natural gesture control system designed for use on touchscreens for systems running Windows 10.
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Android 3.0 or greater is required

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